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Job Discription
a) Shall be a financial member of the Club.
b) To arrange for the funds of the Club to be paid forthwith into a bank appointed by the Club.
c) Submit all accounts to the General Committee Meeting for approval of payment and to arrange such payments by cheque with the exception of petty cash items.
d) At each General Committee Meeting submit a statement of receipts, expenditure and progress budget reports.
e) To ensure all bank statements, deposit / cheque books. Receipts and account books are maintained for inspection.
f) Shall cause books of account to be kept of all moneys received and expended by the Club and the purpose for which such moneys have been received or expended and same shall record assets and liabilities of the Club.
g) To issue a numbered receipt for all money received and / or expended on behalf of the Club.
h) To delegate duties to his / her assistant treasurer.

25th November 2015
The AGM bye yearly elections for board of management positions were held at Lansvale United Sports Club Where Savy Cooke was re elected un-opposed for the 2016-2017 seasons.
Savy is settleing into the position as treasurer very well and this next two years bringing up four years so we congratulate Savy and wish her well as she inherited a not so nice treasury when first stepping into the roll.
25th November 2013
Another new face to the board of management, but not to the club is Savvy Cooke who has been very busy during 2013 as manager of the under 10s a team that made it to the grand final.
Whilst Savvy is new to the board she has keeness on her side and if that counts for anything I feel sure she will carry out her duties very well.
Remember Savvy if you need help just call, I'm sure help will be available to you as we all want you to enjoy your term as treasurer.
28th November 2011
Our new treasurer is Amanda Alarcon who has been one of the club's hardest & constant workers over the past several years and will be a very able treasurer over the next two years.
We thank out going treasure of the past four years Stephen Davey who due to business commitments did not seek re-election. However Stephen will be our Club Auditor.
16th Nov 2009
All board members now hold their positions for a two year period.
Stephen was re affirmed as treasurer at this AGM

17th Nov 2008
At this meeting the current board were returned un opposed to continue the revival of the club to financial stabilty.
Much work was done during the 2008 season to return the club finances to profitability.
Posted 13th November 2007
The AGM elections resulted in Stephen Davey being elevated to the board of management as treasurer. This has turned out to be a very important position going forward into the 2008 season.
We wish Stephen the best in his efforts in bringing the books to a balanced and healthy condition
Posted 6th November 2006
With Andy Luc standing down from the treasurers position for 2007 the members at the AGM elected Gavin Parker to handle this important task.
Gavin has a proven track record when it comes to gaining the financial support required to keep registration fees at a level that is reasonable for our families particularly those families with two or more children wishing to play our great game.
We wish Gavin well as treasurer, we know he was very successful during 2006 in helping to gain sponsorship for all Kooka teams.
Posted 15th November 2005
The Annual General Monday 14th November 2005 re elected Andy Luc as treasurer for the 2006 season
Posted 16th November 2004
The elections held during the AGM Monday 15th November saw Andy Luc with the position of treasurer for the coming year, we wish Andy Luc, luck in his new role. Andy was our Vice President during in 2003 & 2004.
Posted 15th November 2003
Another Board of Management member to be returned for the 2004 season is our Treasurer Albert Strohmayer
Posted 12th November 2002
At our Annual General Meeting held last night 11th November, Albert Strohmayer was elected Treasurer for the 2003 season. Albert has been involved with the club for the five years as a team sponsor and has been a willing helper. Albert was elected Assistant Treasurer mid way through 2002. We wish Albert success in his new port folio.
Posted 14th May 2002
Louise Carey was elevated to the position of Treasurer at the club meeting 13th May after the resignation od Alf Corbett.

Posted 12th November 2001

Alf Corbett elected Treasurer. Alf is a life member of the club and was a very successful secretary in the early 90's. Alf's return to the club board of management is a very big plus, he has loads of knowledge that will be of emense benefit to the club, players and members.
Posted 14th November 2000
The Treasurer as with the Club President and Secretary is elected annually at the Club Annual General Meeting in November. Our current Treasurer Judy Hibbard has been re-elected for her 2nd term of office at the 2000 AGM.

Posted 16th November 1998
Noel Clarke commences his second term as treasurer being 1997 & 1998. He was re-elected again for 1999 but due to illness has to resign the position in March 1999.

Part of the treasurers job is to keep the books balanced, this is done in many ways, one of the popular and most used by most sporting clubs is to gain sponsorships. Over the many years the Kookas have been operating we have enjoyed the company of our many sponsors. It is very important once you have a sponsor that all members are advised, in our club this is done by way of our Websites where we ask our membership where possible to always give our sponsors the opportunity of attending to their needs.

Sponsors are assured of the very best value possible with any of the sponsorships available. It is also important that prospective sponsors don't look upon this as a grab for donations it is a sure fire way of gaining value for money advertising. The Major Club Sponsor for our 48 years has been Canley Vale's happening hotel formally known as "The Kookaburra Hotel" now known as "Richards on the Park".

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