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Asst. Secretary
Job Discription
a) Shall be a financial member of the Club.
b) To record minutes of all meetings held by the Club, and present all such minutes at the Annual General and General Committee Meetings for the inspection by the members.
c) To keep a record of attendance of all members of the meetings conducted by the Club.
d) To keep an accurate record of all matches played, players taking part, scorers, individual point scorers, best and fairest, and best defensive points register.
e) To assist the Public Officer / Secretary and to act as Public Officer / Secretary during any absence of the Public Officer / Secretary.

25th November 2015
Maree Tohi was re elected un-opposed at the AGM held at Lansvale United Sports Club.
Maree is a good experienced help to the club secretary as she herself spent a term as secretary in 2011 however work commitements prevented her fulfilling he duties as secretary after the first year.
Maree is happy in her roll as Assistant secretary as it's not quite as demanding on her time which she finds a little easier to balance with her employment.
18th November 2014
As with the secretary's position a new assistant secretary, Maree Tohi, was appointed to the position until the next due date for board of management elections in November 2015.
25th November 2013
Elected to the role of assistant secretary Jayne Dewberry has been at the club for several years so she knows what what has to be done by the secretary and as her sister is now the secretary Jayne is a perfect match to help out as assistant secretary.
28th November 2011
A reasonably new member to the club Christy Drewbury has stepped into the breach to lend a hand and gain experience as a board member of our club.
We wish Krissy all the best for her term over the next two years where I'm sure she will commit herself very well to the task at hand.
We thank out-going assistant secretary Ali Gonzalez who didn't seek re-election.
16th Nov 2009
Ali Gonzalez was re affirmed as Asst Secretary at this meeting and will be hold this position for the next two years untill the 2011 AGM
17th Nov 2008
At this meeting the current board were returned un opposed to continue the revival of the club to financial stabilty.
Much work was done during the 2008 season to return the club finances to profitability.
12th November 2007
The return to the board of management after being elected at the AGM is Ali Gonzalez we look forward to having Ali working with Valarie during the 2008 season.
Posted 17th Apr 2007
After the resignation of the elected Assistant Secretary Ali Gonzalez a shuffle of portfolios took place which saw Debbie Rowlingson move from Assistant Treasurer to this position, good luck Debbie.
Posted 15th November 2005
Robyn Yousif was re elected 2006 assistant secretary at the AGM Monday 14th November 2005. A reshuffle when Robyn left saw the elevation on Katrina Parker to the port folio.
Posted 16th November 2004
Robyn Yousef was returned as assistant secretary when she was re-elected at the club AGM on November 15th for her second term.
Posted 15th November 2003
Robyn Yousef was elected assistant secretary at the AGM on November 10th replacing LeeAnn Kilmurray who was unable to continue due to family committments. We thank LeeAnn for her dedication to the position and wish her well for the future.
We congratulate Robyn on her election to the 2004 Board of Management.

Posted 12th November 2002
LeeAnn Kilmurray was elected last night 11th November at the club's Annual General Meeting to this position for the 2003 season. LeeAnne is a very capable lady and we look forward to working with her this coming year.
In 2002 LeeAnn was the team manager of the under 7 Premiers where we saw just how efficient she was in carrying out her duties as manager. Well done LeeAnne, and congratulations.
Posted 13th November 2001
Kylie Evans was elected to the position of assistant secretary at our club AGM last night ,
As with the Asst Treasurer the Asst Secretary Tammy Corbett was elected this year for her 1st term of office. Tammy's family have been a part of the club for quite some time..
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